Thank you Randy,

I appreciate your comments and understand your points. I teach a lot of beginners, so when it comes to complicated topics and terms that confuse people like DPI/PPI, I try to find a compromising balance to teach people enough, without getting too deep into matters that may open up a big rabbit hole.

The only reason I included any mention of it at all is that Photoshop requires users to enter a PPI when creating a new file, so excluding this step would leave beginners confused and not sure what to do. I made recommendations based on what I usually do and to keep file sizes smaller, etc.

On a side note: I did not think I used DPI (dots per inch which has to do more with printer settings) in the tutorial and thought I used PPI (pixels per inch, which has to do with the digital image/screen). If I interchanged the two or the way I explained things was misleading or incorrect, I apologize. I make plenty of mistakes, but always appreciate the feedback.


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