I hear ya on using whatever works and I too would love to mash some of my favorites together and make the perfect tool for my craziness. I’ve created daily content for 2+ years now (365 videos in 2017 (🤪), and I find it amazing how it really all becomes about using whatever will shave off any time.

Curious, have you heard of Notion? https://notion.so

The video I stumbled on one day that made decide to give it a spin: https://youtu.be/t_JpCYczavY

I’m thinking you may like it based on the tools you like. It feels like a blend of nearly every productivity app I have ever used with a pretty simple and user-friendly interface (a little old school).

I liked it and could probably learn to love it, but I forced myself to move on because Evernote is working for me now and I do not need the distraction of adding another tool. I keep things as minimal as possible, but I’m a tech nerd so I like to explore.

Keep writing! Cheers,


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