Hey Matt. Really appreciate it! As for Rode Smartlav+. It’s made for an iPhone so the plug on the end (TRRS) can be adapted to go to TRS as you saw in the video and you can also go to XLR with the VXLR, but that will not work with that recorder.

My advice is to call BH Photo and see if there is a solution or adapter or something on that recorder that will make it work. B&H is super helpful and I ask them for advice all the time like this before a purchase. It’ll save you time and headaches. I only like giving definitive advice when I am sure and while my guess is some type of plugin power or adapter is required, I learn most by me plugging things in personally (and breaking a lot of things. It’s been a minute since I tested the Smartlav+ on a bunch of different devices so I can’t be sure what to tell you other than call BH and they will have a solid answer right away for the device you are looking to purchase. Not much help, but hope it helped a little. Cheers, mike.

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