One Man Band Challenge: Day 02

I help people figure things out.

It is easy for me to look at other people’s situations or business and figure out what they are doing right or wrong and offer solutions that will help them improve. My number one strength is strategy. I can look at most people or situations and quickly sift through all the possible solutions and pick the simplest and best solution for them almost instantly.

The only person that I cannot figure out is me, but I’m working on it.

I will continue to work the hardest on figuring out me, because that I am learning is the key to it all. Understand what makes you you and the walls will come tumbling down. Cliche and simple, yet true. I’m okay with that.

My name is Mike Murphy, I am a one man band and podcaster.
#learn. create. move forward

Podcast: Mike Murphy Unplugged (I help people figure things out ;D)

Written by

Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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