207:Evernote Tip: Create Table of Contents

Link Notes Together in a Table of Contents #handyfeature

Tip: How to create a table of contents in Evernote:

This tutorial will show you how to take a group of notes and generate a linkable table of contents so you can easily read the list and simply clink on each link to open a note in Evernote.

Great if you are writing a document with chapters or a course with different modules or anything you want to bundle together.

Note: When you create the Table of Contents (TOC), there will be no tags on it so it may jump out of the notebook where you are and go to your default Notebook (mine is Inbox). You can add tags to TOC if you want it to live with the other notes or create a TOC tag for all TOC documents you create so you can find them all in one shot.

Video Tutorial:


1. Gather all the notes you want to link together by either opening a Notebook or searching for a Tag, etc.

2. Select All Notes (Cmd +A) or one at a time using the Cmd/Ctrl Key.

3. Once multiple Notes are selected you will see Evernote batches them together and gives you some options in the right window.

4. Click ‘Create Table of Content Note’

Evernote creates a nice organized list in the order of the Notes and you can simply click on a link to open the card.

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