Easy Corn on the Cob 🌽

How To Microwave Corn on the Cob

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How To Cook Easy & Perfect Corn on the Cob

I’m not sure how, but it comes out just right nearly every time.

  1. Grab 1 ear of corn still in the husk
  2. Place corn (still in the husk) in a microwave oven
  3. Cook on High for 4 minutes
  4. Grab a towel and remove corn from the microwave
  5. Grab a kitchen knife
  6. Cut off the thick end (the nub side) just enough to expose the corn
  7. Wrap both hands around the skinny end that has the stringy tassels
  8. Squeeze out the corn onto a plate
  9. In most cases, the corn is clean with no strings to pull off
  10. Doctor it up to taste (salt, butter…)
  11. Stick in the plastic corn on the cob holders on each end
  12. Enjoy a perfect and tender piece of corn on the cob!
  13. Happy Independence Day!
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