335: How To Move A Podcast from Simplecast to Buzzsprout Without Losing Subscribers

Mike Murphy
16 min readApr 22, 2022

◎ Step-by-step tutorial ◎

Simplecast to Buzzsprout

What You Will Learn:

This is a step-by-step tutorial and guide that will show you how to seamlessly move a podcast (aka, ‘show’) from one podcast hosting company (Simplecast) to another (Buzzsprout) without losing any subscribers or interrupting the show.

Moving a Show Simplified:

The simplest way to describe the process of moving a show from one host to another is that you first import the show to the hosting platform you are moving to (this makes a copy of everything in your active RSS Feed and does not affect your subscribers or show in any way).

Next, you confirm the import/copy process went smoothly and everything is set up and working at the new host.

When officially ready to switch to the new host, you will place a forward or redirect on your old host feed URL so it sends all requests to your new host feed URL (this is called a 301 Redirect and is done at the host you are moving away from). The 301 Redirect starts working immediately telling anyone looking for your old feed URL that you have moved to the new feed URL.

You then make sure the podcast directories (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc) are using your new RSS Feed and you are off to the races and will start publishing new episodes on the new podcast hosting platform only. Wait 2–4 weeks (better safe than sorry) and you can delete your show (and account if you want) on the old hosting platform so you no longer get billed. 👍

Note: If you are reading this but moving your show using different hosting platforms, many of the basic principles, steps, and tips should still be helpful and applicable to you, but be sure to read the support documentation provided by your podcast hosts to make sure you do not miss any steps. 🍀

⚠️ General FYI Tips:

1. Be sure to pause any active dynamic ad campaigns before copying(importing) a show from one podcast host to another so the ads do not get permanently ‘baked’ into the episode audio files.

2. Do not manually change or update the RSS Feed URL in any podcast directory or app until after…

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