334: Adobe Audition + RodeCaster Pro Multitrack Template

Mike Murphy
5 min readApr 8, 2022

How To Create A RodeCaster Pro Multitrack Template in Adobe Audition

Who Is This For?

Podcasters, live-streamers, audio editors, and content creators who use the RodeCaster Pro as an audio interface and Adobe Audition as a DAW (digital audio workstation) to record and edit audio. This tutorial is for you if you want to have a Multitrack template specifically made for the RodeCaster Pro to speed up your podcast + audio workflow.

What You Will Learn

  • This tutorial will show you how to create a fully customizable and reusable Adobe Audition Multitrack Template that includes a track for each input (channel) on the RodeCaster Pro (RCP).
  • Each time you create a new Multitrack Session in Adobe Audition, you can select the RodeCaster Pro Template and like magic, a new Multitrack session will be created specifically for the RodeCaster Pro. Each track in the Multitrack session will correspond to the input channels on the RodeCaster Pro.
  • Any audio going into the RodeCaster Pro can be recorded on a separate track in Adobe Audition.
  • Any track effects (EQ, Dynamics, etc) can be saved in the Template.
  • The channels or inputs on the RodeCaster Pro include Stereo Mix…



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