333: Screenflow 9: How To Add Emojis & Symbols

The easy way to add emojis in Screenflow

How To Add Emojis in Screenflow 9

What You Will Learn:

  • This tutorial will show you how to add emojis and symbols to your Screenflow 9 projects. Once you add emojis, you can customize them just like Text, add animations using Screenflow actions, etc.
  • Note: There is a Video Tutorial at the bottom if you want to skip the text.

What Is Screenflow 9?

  • Screenflow is for Macs only and is a screencasting and video editing application that I use to make all of my tutorials and online courses. Screenflow allows you to record your screen, iOS Devices, and your webcam and audio devices.
  • To try or buy Screenflow 9, you can go visit Telestream or use my link: https://mikemurphy.co/screenflow (affiliate link)

The Emoji Keyboard Shortcut:

The easy-to-forget Mac keyboard shortcut for adding Emojis on Macs in most applications is: Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar

Mac Character Viewer Shortcut: Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar

How To Add Emojis & Symbols to Screenflow 9:

  1. Open Screenflow Project
  2. Go to Inspector Panel
  3. Tap ‘T’ for Text Property
  4. Click on ‘+’ to add a Text Layer to Screenflow Timeline
Inspector Panel> Text Property > + to Add Text

5. Click on ‘Edit’ in the Top Menu and highlight ‘Emoji & Symbols’

After Adding Text Layer go to Edit Menu > Emoji & Symbols

6. Click ‘Emoji & Symbols’ to open ‘Character Viewer’

Character Viewer

7. Select/Highlight Text on Screenflow Canvas
8. Double-click on any Emoji in the Character Viewer. Add as many as you want. This is just a text layer so the emojis act as any other letter in a text field.

Select Text on Timeline > Double-Click to Add Emoji or Symbol

9. Use T in Inspector to format and customize
– Size of Emoji (Font)
– Backdrop On/Off (Color)
– Build In/Out Animations

10. Use Video Properties to change Scale and more
11. Add Video +Actions to add animation
12. Add or Save Style Presets for Emojis to use in other projects.
13. Explore other properties to add motion and effects to emojis

Video Property > + Action > Style Presets

Video Tutorial:

How To Add Emojis

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