#328: How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks and Import to Notion

Mike Murphy
3 min readNov 10, 2020

Import Bookmarks to Notion

Export Google Chrome Bookmarks to Notion

Purpose of Tutorial:

This tutorial will show you how to export Google Chrome Bookmarks and import them into Notion.

Why Woud You Want to Do This?

  • To backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • To organize and de-clutter Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • Bookmarks allow you to save your favorite and frequently visited websites, so add them to Notion and use as reference material in your knowledge hub or resource pages.

The Steps:

  1. Export Google Chrome Bookmarks
  2. Open Notion
  3. Create a New Page
  4. Import .html file of Bookmarks

Tip: Organize your Bookmarks into Folders on Google Chrome Bookmarks Manager before importing to Notion.

What is Notion?

It is an all-in-one workspace to store digital assets, write articles, take notes, create to-do lists and tasks, databases, wikis, and more. Desktop apps for both Mac & Windows and mobile apps and there is a ‘Web Clipper’ to save snippets to Notion. There is a Free Version and the Pro Plan is $4/mo.



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