#328: How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks and Import to Notion

Import Bookmarks to Notion

Export Google Chrome Bookmarks to Notion

This tutorial will show you how to export Google Chrome Bookmarks and import them into Notion.

  • To backup your Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • To organize and de-clutter Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • Bookmarks allow you to save your favorite and frequently visited websites, so add them to Notion and use as reference material in your knowledge hub or resource pages.
  1. Export Google Chrome Bookmarks
  2. Open Notion
  3. Create a New Page
  4. Import .html file of Bookmarks

Tip: Organize your Bookmarks into Folders on Google Chrome Bookmarks Manager before importing to Notion.

It is an all-in-one workspace to store digital assets, write articles, take notes, create to-do lists and tasks, databases, wikis, and more. Desktop apps for both Mac & Windows and mobile apps and there is a ‘Web Clipper’ to save snippets to Notion. There is a Free Version and the Pro Plan is $4/mo.

Check out Notion: https://www.notion.so/

Try Notion for Free

How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks:

  1. Open Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Go to Bookmarks in the top menu
  3. Click on Bookmarks Manager (Opt + Cmd + B ) or (Alt + Ctrl + B )
  4. Organize Bookmarks into Folders and Sub-Folders
    (Notion will use folders as Headers to keep bookmarks organized)
  5. Click on 3 dots in the top-right corner of Bookmarks Manager
  6. Click on Export Bookmarks
  7. Rename in ‘Save As’ Field
  8. Save to Desktop or select destination
  9. Click ‘Save’
  10. .html file will be saved to the computer
How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks

How To Import Chrome Bookmarks in Notion

Note: There are multiple ways to import the .html file in Notion. Click on ‘Import’ or ‘Add a Page’ will produce the same results, so use your preference.

  1. Open Notion
  2. Click on ‘Import’ in the left sidebar and a pop-up will appear
  3. Select HTML from the import pop-up menu and click
  4. Navigate to .html file saved from Google Chrome Export Bookmarks
  5. Select Open
  6. Notion will Import to a New Page
  7. Enter Page Title
  8. All Bookmarks will be organized by the folder name used in Google Chrome, but page is fully customizable.
  9. All bookmarks will be hyperlinked to your favorite pages and sites.
  10. That’s it! Your Google Chrome Bookmarks are now in Notion!
Click ‘Import’ or Add A Page in Notion
Import > HTML > Locate .html file
Bookmarks Page in Notion (ally hyperlinks)

Video Tutorial:

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