#327 Screenflow 9: How To Use Ripple Delete

A must-know keyboard shortcut to speed up editing workflow

Screenflow 9: How To Use Ripple Delete

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Ripple Delete in Screenflow 9, which is a must-know video and audio editing technique that allows you to delete clips on the timeline but fill in the empty gap by automatically shifting all remaining clips on the timeline from the right over to the left.

  • Ripple Delete is a technique used in most video and audio editing software (Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Audition, Logic Pro), and adding this to your editing toolbox will really speed up your workflow.
Command Key (⌘) + Delete Key (⌫)

What is Screenflow 9?

Screenflow is a Mac-only screencasting software I use to record my computer screen and iOS Devices for all of my tutorials.

Try or Buy Screenflow 9 (affiliate link):

What is Ripple Delete?

Short version:
Delete a selection and automatically close the gap or space on the timeline where the deleted clips were.

Longer version:
Delete a selection of clips between the in and out points on all tracks of the timeline while closing the gap of the deleted section by shifting all remaining clips on the timeline from right to left.

Hold the Shift Key to Drag Out Selection (In/Out)…Press Cmd + Delete to Ripple Delete

Screenflow 9: How To Use Ripple Delete

Learn the Keyboard Shortcut for Ripple Delete:
Command Key (⌘) + Delete Key (⌫)

  1. Open Screenflow 9 Project with clips on the timeline
  • If you ever forget the keyboard shortcut: You can also select Ripple Delete by clicking on ‘Edit’ in the top menu and then select Ripple Delete as long as you have clips selected.
Forget the keyboard shortcut? Go to the Edit Menu

Video Tutorial

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