#326: iOS: How To Turn on Exposure Notifications 📱⚙️

Turn on to get notified of possible exposure to Covid-19

Exposure Notifications

This is a contact-tracing technology created by Apple & Google that uses Bluetooth on your mobile devices to determine if you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 and if so you will get notified and provided with guidance on how to get tested, etc. The first step is turning it on and this article will show you how to do so on your iOS Device.

Google and Apple jointly created the Exposure Notifications System out of a shared sense of responsibility to help governments and our global community fight this pandemic through contact tracing (a technique use by public health officials to contact and help anyone who may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19). (source)

  • This tutorial will show you how to turn on Exposure Notifications on your iOS Device so your Public Health Authority can notify you of possible exposures to Covid-19 (when available in your local region)
  • Exposure Notifications was developed by both Apple & Google
  • Uses Bluetooth on mobile devices
  • Available on iOS 13.7 or later
  • Available on Android
  • No Location Tracking
  • No Identity Sharing
  • Neither Google, Apple, or other users can see your identity
  • You are in control of whether to receive
  • Only public health authorities can use this system
  1. You must first turn on Exposure Notifications on your mobile device (see below for step-by-step instructions).
  2. Your local public health agency must have an app available that integrates with the Apple & Google Exposure Notifications API.
  3. Your mobile device will generate a random ID that changes ever 10–20 minutes (for privacy and security)
  4. Your phones and other phones exchange and save lists of Random IDs using Bluetooth.
  5. If someone tests positive for Covid-19, they will enter test results in the public health authority app (by choice).
  6. Your phone regularly checks the list of saved IDs from other phones you have been in proximity to and if there are any IDs that reported testing positive for Covid-19 then you will get an Exposure Notification along with guidance on how to get tested.
  7. It is all anonymous and works in the background of your mobile device.
How Exposure Notifications Work…Download Google PDF
How Exposure Notifications Work…Download Google PDF

📱 How To Turn on Exposure Notifications on iOS Device :

  1. Update to iOS to 13.7 or later
  2. Open the Settings App on iOS Device
  3. Tap ‘Exposure Notifications’
  4. Tap ‘How Exposure Notifications Work’ to read how it works and learn more about Privacy & Data. Click Done to return.
  5. Tap ‘Turn on Exposure Notifications’
  6. Tap ‘Continue’
  7. Select Country or Region
  8. Select Your State or Region
  9. You will either see if ‘Exposure Notifications Are Not Currently Available’ or ‘Exposure Notifications are currently Available’
    Note: The local app is not yet available in my region (Naples, Florida) so I do not have screenshots for the full activation steps.
  10. Click on ‘Continue’ or ‘Done’
  11. If available, install the local public health app
  12. Toggle on ‘Availability Alerts’ to receive a notification if Exposure Notifications are available in your current region.
Open Settings…Tap ‘Exposure Notifications’….Tap ‘How Exposure Notifications Work to Read More
Tap Continue….Select Country or Region
Toggle on ‘Availability Alerts…….Tap ‘Done’ if not available….Follow prompts if available.

Video Tutorial:

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