316: Google Podcasts Manager: How To Add A New or Existing Show

Mike Murphy
3 min readMay 8, 2020

How To Add A Podcast to Google Podcasts Manager

Manage Shows & View Listener Data

In this tutorial:

  1. What is Google Podcasts Manager?
  2. How to Get Started on Google Podcasts Manager
  3. How To Add A New or Existing Show To Google Podcasts Manager

What is Google Podcasts Manager?

Google Podcasts Manager is a dashboard for podcasters to manage their podcasts and view analytics about their shows on Google Podcasts. In the Google Podcasts Manager dashboard, podcasters can:

  • Add New or Existing Shows indexed by Google Podcasts
  • Add Users with Permissions (admin, editor, viewer)
  • View Analytics (number of listens per show and episode, audience retention, % listened to each episode).

Google Podcasts Resources:

How To A Show to Google Podcasts Manager

  1. Open a Web Browser such as Google Chrome
  2. Enter: https://podcastsmanager.google.com/ in the address bar
  3. Click the ‘Start Now’ or ‘Sign In’ buttons
  4. Enter Google Email Address & Password to sign in
  5. Enter the Podcasts RSS Feed of your show
  6. Click on Next Step
  7. Preview the Feed (changes can be made at your podcast host)
  8. Click on Next Step
  9. Send Verification Code (if the email address in the RSS Feed is different than email used in Google Podcasts Manager. If the email addresses are the same, you will bypass the verification code and verify ownership)
  10. Verify Ownership
  11. Click Submit
  12. Ownership Verified
  13. Click the ‘Get Started’ button to enter Google Podcasts Manager
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