316: Google Podcasts Manager: How To Add A New or Existing Show

Mike Murphy
3 min readMay 8, 2020

How To Add A Podcast to Google Podcasts Manager

Manage Shows & View Listener Data

In this tutorial:

  1. What is Google Podcasts Manager?
  2. How to Get Started on Google Podcasts Manager
  3. How To Add A New or Existing Show To Google Podcasts Manager

What is Google Podcasts Manager?

Google Podcasts Manager is a dashboard for podcasters to manage their podcasts and view analytics about their shows on Google Podcasts. In the Google Podcasts Manager dashboard, podcasters can:

  • Add New or Existing Shows indexed by Google Podcasts
  • Add Users with Permissions (admin, editor, viewer)
  • View Analytics (number of listens per show and episode, audience retention, % listened to each episode).

Google Podcasts Resources:

How To A Show to Google Podcasts Manager

  1. Open a Web Browser such as…



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