301: Screenflow 8: Export Animated Gifs To Use In Medium Stories

Learn how to export quick animations from a Screenflow Timeline

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Animated GIFs work great in Medium Stories for tutorials, previews, teasers, artwork and illustrations, etc. Upload GIFs as a picture in Medium or anywhere.

This Tutorial (what you will learn):
How to make a selection in a Screenflow project/timeline and export the selected range as an animated GIF.

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GIF Tips:

  1. GIFs should not be long (Under 15 seconds)
  2. When Exporting, Use Resolution % to change dimensions and balance file size.
  3. Drag GIFs in a browser window to test how they look
  4. Use ‘Scale’ to Zoom In on area of video you want to highlight.
  5. Callouts in Screenflow work great to Zoom & Highlight areas of focus.

Screenflow 8: How To Export Quick Animated GIFs

  1. Open a Screenflow Project or drag video on timeline
  2. Drag playhead to beginning of clip where you want to start animation
  3. Press the Shift Key and drag out selection to end of animation (selection in blue) Note: You can also select In & Out Points by tapping ‘i’ for In & ‘o’ for Out.
    Bonus Tip: Option + Z clears the In/Out Blue Highlight selection
  4. Preview Clip by moving playhead to beginning of selection and press Spacebar or click on Play button.
  5. Drag Playhead to Modify Selection (or use ‘i’ & ‘o’ to change In & Out Points)
  6. Go to File Menu and Select ‘Export Selected Range’
  7. Click ‘Manual’
  8. Click the Preset drop-down menu
  9. Select Animated GIF
  10. Save As…Title
  11. Where…Destination
  12. Click Resolution (100% = full size…, select size you want)
    Note: The lower the %, the smaller the dimensions and file size.
  13. Click Export
  14. Repeat to create as many animated GIFs as you need.

1. Shift + Drag Selection on Timeline that will be your Animated GIF.

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2. Export Selected Range as Animated GIF.

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Video Tutorial:

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