287: Instagram Stories: How To Add Song Lyrics

Step-by-Step: Music Sticker Lyrics for Insta Stories

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How To Add Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

Instagram Version 96.1 added a new feature: Add Song Lyrics via the Music Sticker in Instagram Stories.

Note: There is Video Tutorial is at the bottom of this article if you want the quick version.

The FAQs of Song Lyrics in Instagram Stories:

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Stickers>Music>Select Song>Lyrics
  • Song lyrics are added using the Music Sticker.
  • Song Lyrics will automatically display after you select a song in the Music Sticker.
  • If lyrics do not display after selecting a song, then they are not available for that song.
  • Select a new song until you see lyrics.
  • Works in all of the shooting modes (Type, Music, Normal, Boomerang, Focus, Rewind, Hands-Free)
  • You can add music lyrics to longer multi-clip videos.
  • You can change the song and edit at any time before adding to your story.
  • Song lyrics can be added to photos, videos, or boomerangs from your camera roll.
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Music Sticker in Instagram Stories
  • The duration of the music and lyrics is based on how long the clip is.
  • The default duration for photos is 15 seconds.
  • The default duration for Boomerangs is 5 seconds.
  • The default duration of Superzooms is 4 seconds.
  • You can change the color & style of the lyrics.
  • You can change the scale & position of lyrics.
  • Add embellishments such as brushes, text, and animated gifs.
  • Add to Story

How To Add Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

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Song Lyrics in Instagram Stories
  1. Take Photo/Video/Boomerang or Select Camera Roll Footage
  2. Click Sticker Icon
  3. Select Music Sticker
  4. Select Song
  5. Lyrics will automatically display.
  6. If lyrics do not display, click on the cover art of song at the very top and pick a new song.
  7. Duration of Music Clip/Lyrics:
    Photos: 15 Seconds
    Boomerangs: 5 Seconds
    Superzoom: 4 Seconds
    Videos: Up to 15 Seconds
    Multi-Video: 10 x 15 seconds
  8. Change duration on still photos by tapping the number 15 in circle
  9. Change lyrics by dragging one of two sliders at the bottom
  10. Change color by tapping the color wheel at the top of the screen
  11. Change the style of text by clicking on text or tapping icons
  12. Change the song by tapping on cover art at the top
  13. Click Done
  14. Drag & Scale Lyrics
  15. Add Embellishments & Filters to Stylize
  16. Add To Story or Send

Video Tutorial

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