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Mike Murphy
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For the podcaster and video editor toolbox

Punch & Roll was released in April 2019 in Audition

When would you use Punch & Roll?

You are a podcaster and while editing your latest episode, you realize you used a curse word or maybe you said a wrong date or fact. You want to fix your episode and re-record a snippet of audio to replace the original recording.

  1. Option 1: You just press record and start recording your voiceover and hope it matches the rest of the episode.
  2. Option 2: You use ‘Punch & Roll Mode’ so you can listen to 5 seconds of pre-roll (the audio before the mistake) so you can hear and learn the cadence, tone, energy. When the pre-roll is over you start recording and it will be easier to match and make it blend in. If you do not get it right the first time, you just use the keyboard shortcut for ‘Punch Again’ and start all over from the beginning. You can repeat this until you nail it.

Adobe Audition CC: Punch & Roll Recording

Punch & Roll was released in April 2019 in Adobe Audition CC. It’s great for podcasters and video editors who want to clean up a mistake or fix a voiceover.

  • Punch: To ‘punch’ in a voiceover or recording over an existing track.
  • Roll: Pre-roll. This is the preview of audio you hear before you punch in the recording.
  • Punch-Again: This is the do-over keyboard shortcut. If you make a mistake while ‘punching-in’, use Punch again and it will stop the recording and jump right back to the pre-roll to start over again. You can do this over and over.
  • For podcasters: Use punch and roll when you discover a mistake when editing or to re-record a segment to make it sound better, etc. Hear a couple of seconds of audio before you punch in so you can match the cadence and tone.
  • For video editors: Punch and Roll works great for voiceovers in videos. Countdown timer lets you preview the video (pre-roll) before you ‘punch’ in the vocals.
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  • Video tutorial at the bottom if you want to skip the text instructions.

How to use Punch & Roll in Adobe Audition CC 2019

Set up Punch & Roll

  1. Open the Multitrack Editor
  2. Select track you want to ‘punch’ in the new recording
  3. Click ‘R’ to Arm Track for Record
  4. Drag the Current Time Indicator (CTI or scrubber) to the beginning of the segment where you want to ‘Punch-In’
  5. Right-click on the record button at the bottom of the Multi-track Editor and select ‘Punch & Roll Mode’
Arm for Record & Right-Click on Record Button

To Record (Punch-In)

  1. Press the Record button or Shift+Spacebar to start recording
  2. Press Spacebar to stop recording
  3. Takes will be on top of original and in Files Panel.
  4. Delete as necessary. Keep the good one.

To Change Pre-Roll Duration

(The default pre-roll is 5 seconds. I did not make any changes to mine.)

  1. In the Menu Bar, click Audition>Preferences>Playback and Recording
  2. In the Recording section, look for Pre-Roll Duration (change number)
  3. Check tick-box for ‘Display pre-roll countdown timer’ (this will enable a visual countdown timer when using punch and roll for videos).

Punch Again

This is a keyboard shortcut to speed up the punch and roll workflow. Punch again enables you to stop and start over.

My ‘Punch Again’ keyboard shortcut is:
Option + Command + P

  1. In the Menu Bar, go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Search for ‘Punch Again’
  3. Click in shortcut box
  4. Type in a keyboard shortcut of your choice
Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts….Punch Again (Option + Cmd + P is mine)

Video Tutorial

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