282: Instagram Stories: How To Create a Photo Collage

Add Multiple Photos from Camera Roll to Insta Stories

The Tutorial:
You will learn how to add multiple photos (one at a time) from your iOS Camera Roll to your Instagram Stories to create a photo collage.

The Steps (this is really everything you need to know):

  1. Open Instagram Stories.

Housekeeping Notes:

  • This is for photos only. Videos from Camera Roll will not work.

How To Create a Photo Collage in Instagram Stories

Step 1: Create a Background in Instagram Stories

  1. Open Instagram Stories

Tip: For black background, place camera face down on any surface and take a ‘Normal’ Photo.

Start with ‘Normal Photo’, Tap Brush, Press Color Swatch to add color (unless you want black).

Step 2: Add Photos from iOS Camera Roll

  1. Open iOS Camera Roll
Color Background, Open Photo, Share Icon, Copy to Clipboard

Step 3: Add Photo to Instagram Stories

  1. Open Instagram Stories

Note: The ‘Add-Sticker’ popup does not last long, so move quick. If you miss it, jut go back to Camera Roll and ‘Copy’ photo and return to Insta Stories and the Add Sticker slide-up in the lower left corner will be available again.

Tap ‘Add Sticker’ to paste the Camera Roll photo

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  1. Tap photos to change arrangement from front to back.
Get Creative. Add Brush Strokes, Giphy’s….

Video Tutorial

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