280: iOS Tip: Share Your Location via Text Message

Send Current Location using Messages App on iOS Devices

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Share Your Location via Messages App

The Tutorial:

This tip is very simple. How to share your current location via Messages on your iOS Devices.

⛑If you are a parent, this is a good safety tip to teach your kids.

When would you use this tip?

  • You are traveling and found a great cafe and want your friends or family to join you. Send them your current location.
  • You need a ride from a friend. Send them your location.
  • You want to take safety precautions when in an unknown location or out on a date…so you share location with your friend to keep tabs on you.
  • You teach your kids to send their location to ‘check-in’ when they go anywhere (you also should track them using the ‘Find Friends’ app)

How To Share Your Location via Messages

I am currently using an iPhone X running iOS 12.1.4.

Step 1: Turn on Location Services

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click ‘Privacy’
  3. Click ‘Location Services’
  4. Toggle On (button turns green)
  5. Scroll to ‘Messages’
  6. Click on ‘While Using the App’ and make sure there is a check mark (App explanation: )
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Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Messages

Step 2: Open Messages

  1. Click on Messages App (green bubble)
  2. Compose New Message or Reply to a Previous Message
  3. Enter the Recipient Name/Number (To:)
  4. Type ‘I’m At’ in Text Field
  5. Tap ‘ ➤Current Location’ Below
  6. Done

Note: As soon as you tap ‘ ➤Current Location’ your location and the text message is sent immediately.

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Video Tutorial

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