279: Apple Notes: Monthly Habit Tracker

Apple Notes Monthly Habit Tracker

Apple Notes

  • Note-taking app for Macs & iOS Devices
  • Syncs across all devices (iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Watch…)
  • Notes back up to iCloud
  • Create and edit notes on all devices
  • To learn more visit the Apple Notes User Guide by Apple

What You Will Learn

  • How To Set Up & Create a Checklist in Apple Notes to track habits (or for to-do lists, shopping lists, etc).
  • How To Clear the Monthly Checklist & Start Over

The Background

I tend to experiment with health and wellness on my eternal quest for health, happiness, and creating the life I want, so I decided to try a 30-day plank challenge about 8 months ago.

My Workflow for Habit Tracking Using Apple Notes

  1. I have one folder for ‘Habits’
  2. I create new Notes for each habit
  3. Every day that I complete a habit I tick the radio button circle
  4. At the end of the month, I uncheck all the circles and re-use the note and start over
Apple Notes

How I Set Up My Monthly Habit Tracker:

Folders (I put a number in front to control order)

The Setup

The screenshots and tutorial were done on my iMac, but you can create folders, notes, and checklists on iOS Devices.

  1. Create a New Folder (3 different ways)
    …File>New Folder
    …Right-click and choose ‘New Folder’
    …Keyboard Shortcut: Cmd + Shift + N
  2. Name the Folder (Tip: I use 00_Folder to control order as Notes will sort alphabetically otherwise)
  3. Create a New Note (3 different ways)
    …File>New Note
    …Right-click ‘New Note’
    …Keyboard Shortcut: Cmd + N
  4. Add a Title to the Note (Exercise, Writing, e.g.)
    -The first line of any note will be the title
  5. Type in Day 01: — Day 31:
  6. Select all of the days
  7. Click the circle with check mark at the top to ‘Make a Checklist’
  8. Click each circle to fill in and click to uncheck
Notes (The first line of a note is always the title)

The Reset for New Month

You have successfully checked all of the days (yeah!) and it’s time for a new month. Rather than unchecking all one by one, you can clear all at once.

  1. Click the ‘Make a Checklist Button’ to convert to a basic list.
  2. Click the ‘Make a Checklist’ button again to create a blank checklist.
  3. Start checking the list and building new habits!

Video Tutorial

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