278: How To Find Your Podcast URL in Apple iTunes

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How To Find Your Podcast URL Apple iTunes

This tutorial will show you how to locate and copy your the URL of your podcast in the Apple iTunes Store. This is the same link you received when you got the email from Apple letting you know your podcast was approved and is not in the iTunes Store.

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This tutorial is on a Mac, but iTunes is available for Windows. You can find the URL of your podcast in Apple Podcasts on your iOS Device, but this tutorial is how to find it on Apple iTunes as I think it is easier to access and manage.

The Step-by-Step Tutorial to Finding your Podcast URL

  1. Open Apple iTunes on your Mac or PC
  2. Click on the ‘Store’ tab
  3. Go to Search Bar in the upper right corner,
  4. Type your podcast name and press Enter
  5. Look for your cover art under ‘Podcasts’
  6. Click on the name of your show
  7. Click the Arrow Next to ‘Subscribe’
  8. Click ’Copy Link’ (it’s now on your clipboard
  9. Paste (cmd + v) link anywhere


  1. Save your iTunes URL in Apple Notes, Evernote, Google Doc, etc for quick access
  2. I use the Wordpress plugin ‘Pretty Links’ to make an easy-to-remember link. You can also use bit.ly to shorten links.

My podcast Apple iTunes URL is: mikemurphy.co/itunes

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