277: Hey Siri, Subscribe to This Podcast

Podcasters: Teach your audience how easy it is to listen and subscribe.

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The purpose of this tutorial is to show podcasters and podcast fans just how easy it is to use Siri to listen to podcasts and to subscribe to podcasts and the marketing potential it has to grow your audience and make podcasting a better experience for your listeners. Siri makes listening and subscribing to podcasts easy. Easy is good.

‘Hey Siri, play this podcast.’ …. ‘Hey Siri, subscribe to this podcast.’

  • If you are a podcaster, you can educate your audience to use Siri to listen to your latest episodes and to subscribe to your podcast.
  • Tell your audience they can tell Siri to listen to any episode by just saying the episode # or just say play the ‘first episode’, etc.
  • Make a quick video explaining how to use Siri and post on your podcast webpage and on social media, etc.
  • Mention using Siri to listen and subscribe to your podcast in your email newsletter
  • Make a post on Facebook about using Siri to pull up your podcast and how easy it is to ask Siri to subscribe to the show.
  • Once your audience sees how easy it is, they can teach others to listen to their favorite show and subscribe.
  • If you are a podcast fan, use Siri to play podcasts from your library and subscribe to shows you are listening to and enjoy.
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The Tutorial: Siri & Podcasts

Enable Listen for ‘Hey Siri’ on iOS Device

  1. On iOS Device, open Settings
  2. Click on Siri & Search
  3. Under Ask Siri, toggle on Listen for ‘Hey Siri’
  4. Follow the prompts to enable ‘Hey Siri’
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Listen & Subscribe To Podcasts

Turn on iOS Device and simply say ‘Hey Siri,’ and tell her what you want:

  1. Hey Siri, play Mike Murphy Unplugged podcast
  2. Hey Siri, what podcast is this?
  3. Hey Siri, play the latest episode of this podcast
  4. Hey Siri, pause
  5. Hey Siri, Play at 2x speed
  6. Hey Siri, skip ahead 30 seconds
  7. Hey Siri, play the first episode of this podcast
  8. Hey Siri, play episode #22 this podcast
  9. Hey Siri, subscribe to this show (if you are already subscribed, Siri will tell you).

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