272: Mac Tip 🖥: Drag Windows Behind

Power Keyboard Shortcut for Mac Nerds 🤓

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Move Windows in Background (Behind Other Windows)
  • Drag Mac windows behind other open windows
  • Great for Keynote presentations, live streams, tutorial makers/screen-sharing.
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Drag Windows in Place

The Instructions: How To Drag Windows in Place

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Hold (⌘) and Click on Top Region of Any Window
  1. Click on the Title Bar of any open window (top region of any window)
  2. With the Command Key (⌘) pressed, drag window and it will stay in position without coming to the foreground.
  3. Click on Any Window with the Command Key (⌘) pressed and it will not move in front (the foreground) but will allow you to drag in place.

Video Tutorial:

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