268: How To Use The Countdown Timer in Instagram Stories

Mike Murphy
2 min readDec 19, 2018


New Sticker in Stories👍

The Countdown Timer:

  • This is a sticker in Instagram Stories (smiley face icon with folded corner)
  • Powerful marketing tool or just have fun on Instagram Stories
  • Create a timer for your next podcast episode, vlog, video, course, product, sale, birthday, holiday….generate buzz with your followers.
  • Track engagement as you get notified when a follower sets a reminder or shares your sticker 😎
  • Add Title (and emojis of course ✅)
  • Set end date & time
  • Followers to your Stories can click on your timer and choose whether they want to be reminded.
  • Followers can share your timer on their Stories
  • You will be notified via Direct Message whenever a follower elects to receive notifications or shares the timer

How To Use The Countdown Timer

Note: Video Tutorial at the bottom of this article

Sticker Icon in Instagram Stories
  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. Take Photo or Video
  3. Click Sticker icon (smiley face with folded corner)
  4. Click Countdown Timer
  5. Click Create the Countdown Timer button
  6. Type in Title Name (don’t forget emojis 🤓)
  7. Click Numbers to Add Date & Time
  8. Toggle On & Off All Day to set the exact time
  9. Tap color wheel up top to change the color of the timer
  10. Tap the little arrow to change modify date/time
  11. Add colors, Gifs, design…
  12. Share to Story
  13. Followers click timer to get reminders and/or share your sticker
  14. When a follower sets a reminder or shares your timer, you will receive a direct message notification which is great for tracking engagement
The Countdown Timer Sticker

Video Tutorial

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