261: Typekit is now Adobe Fonts

Unlimited fonts for all Adobe Creative Cloud plans

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Typekit is now Adobe Fonts

The Short Version:
Adobe Typekit is now Adobe Fonts.
All Creative Cloud plans get full access.
14,000+ fonts. No limits. No web-only fonts.
Font Packs = awesome.
Adobe Fonts =awesome.
Font-lovers=rejoice. 🤓

  1. No more sync limits
  2. No more web-only fonts
  3. All fonts available for both web and desktop
  4. Incredible fonts for all of your designs
  5. Easy to browse & manage
  6. Did I mention, no limits?

Visit Adobe Fonts in any web browser:

Click the Creative Cloud icon in Menu Bar of Mac
Go To Assets…Fonts….Manage Fonts or Browse all Fonts

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Creative Cloud in Menu Bar (Macs)

Access in font menu (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator…)

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Typekit is now Adobe Fonts (I’m sure it will update soon)

How To Use Adobe Fonts

  1. Browse Fonts
  2. Search fonts, foundries, directories
  3. Filter by Classification
  4. Recommendations (Paragraphs, Headings, etc)
  5. Properties (weight, width)
  6. Add Sample Text (see how your words will look)
  7. Click the heart to add to favorites
  8. Click embed code for Webkit embeds
  9. Click Font box for more info
  10. Click ‘My Adobe Fonts’ to view all of your fonts & favorites
  11. To Activate or Deactivate, click the toggle switch (blue is activated)
  12. Activate (no longer Sync) to install fonts
  13. De-Activate to uninstall fonts
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Adobe Fonts Browse & Manage

Font Packs:

  • Check out Font Packs
  • Design Projects for all occasions
  • Find a style you like
  • Activate individual fonts or all at once
  • Download graphics, too.
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Font Packs

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