260: Google Drive .new Domain 😎

Create Google Docs Instantly Using .new Domain

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How to create Google Docs instantly in any web browser using the .new domain owned by Google. ✅

Type in doc.new to open up a new Google Doc (it’s really simple)

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*Multiple variations for each. All work the same.

Google Docs (doc.new, docs.new, documents.new)
Google Sheets (sheet.new, sheets.new, spreadsheets.new)
Google Slides (slide.new, slides.new, deck.new, presentation.new)
Google Forms (form.new, forms.new)
Google Sites (site.new, sites.new, website.new)

All web browsers (Tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
iOS Devices (opens, but prompts you to use Google Docs app)

Do not use http(s):// or www
Simply use .new

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Twitter Announcement: 10.25.18

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How To Use .new to Create New Google Docs
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  1. Sign in to your Google Account
  2. Open any web browser
  3. Go to the address bar to type in a URL
  4. To create a new Google document, simply type in any variation followed by .new in the address bar of any browser
    (for example, doc.new will open a new Google Doc)
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Use any variation you can remember, but only type in one.
  • Google Doc: doc.new, docs.new or, documents.net
  • Google Spreadsheet: sheet.new, sheets.new or, spreadsheet.new
  • Google Slide: slide.new, slides.new or, deck.new, presentation.new
  • Google Forms: form.new, forms.new
  • Google Sites: site.new, sites.new, website.new

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