250: Premiere Pro CC: How To Import Media (5 Different Ways)

Plus Bonus Tips

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The Tutorial: How To Import Media in Adobe Premiere Pro (5 Different Ways)


  1. Organize Footage in your Master Project Folder before you open Premiere Pro. I have a template folder that I keep blank and just copy/paste it for each new video project.
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New Project Template
  • I like to start in the Assembly Workspace
  • Save your own editing Workspaces when you learn your workflow and style
  • The Project Panel is where you import and organize your footage and media files (called clips in Premiere)
  • Clips are organized in Bins (identical to folders)
  • Drag clips on to the ‘New Bin’ folder icon at the bottom to organize them.
  • Right Click & Select Label to give them a color & make them easy to see in Timeline
  • To Preview Clips, Double Click and they will open in what is called the Source Monitor.
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Premiere Pro: The Assembly Workspace

How To Import Your Media (5 Ways)

1. Go To File Menu: Select ‘Import’ (navigate to your footage and click Import)

  • Pro Tip: Drag Folders on to the New Bin (looks like a folder) to create Upper-Level bins
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Drag bins on ‘New Bin’ to organize

Video Tutorial:

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