247: Spotify Podcasts to Instagram Stories

Share podcasts (& more) to Insta Stories

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  1. You can share/promote your entire podcast or individual episodes that are on Spotify. Your podcast cover art will show up on Instagram Stories.

How To Share Podcasts (& More) from Spotify to Instagram Stories:

  1. Open Spotify on a mobile device (iOS or Android)
  2. Search for your favorite podcast
  3. Share the entire podcast by clicking on the 3 dots in upper right
  4. Or, share individual podcast episodes by clicking on 3 dots to right
  5. Click on Share
  6. Click on Arrow next to ‘Instagram Stories’
  7. Instagram Stories will open and you will see thumbnail
  8. Mark up your Story however you want (add brushes, text, GIFS…)
  9. Post to Story
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Click 3 Dots on Spotify to Share to Instagram Stories

What Viewers of Instagram Stories See:

Viewers of your Instagram Stories will see a little link in Upper Left by your profile that says Listen on Spotify and when they click it, Spotify will open and they can check out your podcast or music, etc.

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Watch Tutorial:

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