245: Screenflow 8: New Instagram Preset

Tutorial: New Screenflow 8 Feature

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It is a screencasting software I use to record all of my screencast tutorials. Screenflow 8 was released 8/1/18. There are many new features. This article is about the new Instagram Preset for creating new documents and exporting them. The benefit of this new feature is that it makes setting up a new document for the main feed of Instagram easy as Screenflow supplies the optimal setting.

To upgrade to Screenflow 8 from older version: $39
To buy new: $129

For Free Trial or To Buy or Upgrade Use My Affiliate Link if you want:

New feature in Screenflow 8:
Instagram Preset for New Documents
Instagram Preset for Exporting Videos

Please Note:

  • Screenflow does not enable you to export directly to Instagram. This is not allowed by Instagram. The Instagram preset in Screenflow 8 just makes it easier to set up a new document and export as Screenflow has optimized the best settings.
  • The Instagram Preset is Square (1:1 aspect ratio). It is for the main feed of Instagram and not for Stories or IGTV. You can also use for other channels that accept square videos such as Facebook.

How To Use Instagram Preset in Screenflow 8:

  1. In Screenflow go to File > Create a new document (Cmd + N)
  2. You should see the ‘Welcome’ splash screen
  3. Click New Document in left sidebar
  4. In Preset drop-down select Instagram
  5. Size: 640 x 640 px (this is the size Instagram compresses bigger videos to. For example, I make videos at 1080 x 1080, but Insta resizes to 640px, so Screenflow is just starting with that optimal setting).
  6. Click the circular button at the bottom to create the document.
  7. Record & Edit Video in Screenflow
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Setup New Document with Instagram Preset
  1. Click on ‘File’ and the select ‘Export’ (Cmd + E)
  2. In the dialog box, click on ‘Manual’
  3. In the Presets drop-down select ‘Instagram’
  4. Click ‘Customize’ to look at the settings if you want to check them out
  5. Name the video
  6. Navigate to the directory where you want to save
  7. Click ‘Export’ button
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Export Using Screenflow 8 Instagram Presets

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