244: Uber: How To Schedule Rides

Tutorial: Book an Uber in Advance

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Uber Scheduling Notes:

  1. Devices: Uber is available on iOS & Android Devices
  2. Scheduling Limits: 5 minutes in advance to 30 days in advance
  3. Pickup Window: 10-minute pickup window. For example, if you want to get picked up at 6:00 am, schedule the ride for 5:50.The driver will arrive between 5:50–6:00.
  4. $10 Credit: If driver does not pick you up before the 10-minute increment ends, Uber will give you $10 credit towards a future ride.
  5. Airport Rides: You can book a trip in advance (5 minutes to 30 days) TO the airport, but you cannot schedule a ride FROM the airport
  6. Rates: You will see the price of your ride when scheduling. Price will be locked in when you confirm the scheduling.
  7. Modify or Canceling: You can edit your ride by clicking the Menu in upper left corner of app (3 horizontal lines)
  • Click the middle table ‘Upcoming’
  • Change Date or Time
  • Cancel Rides:
    If you have been matched with a driver: there will be a cancellation charge
    If not matched with a driver: there will be no charge to cancel ride

Instructions: How To Book A Trip in Advance

  1. Open Uber App on iPhone or Android Device
  2. In the Destination Box (‘Where To’) Click the Car with Clock Icon
  3. Select Date & Time you want to be picked up (notice 10-minute window)
  4. Tap ‘Set Pickup Time’
  5. Confirm Date & Time is Correct
  6. Set pickup location (default is your current location. Click to change)
  7. Set your Destination (‘Where To’)
  8. Review Fare Estimates
  9. Pick the option you want (Uber X, Uber XL, Select…)
  10. Tap ‘Schedule’
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How To Schedule Uber Ride in Advance

Modify or Cancel Ride

  1. Click the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) in upper left
  2. Click ‘Your Trips’.
  3. Select Upcoming
  4. Select ‘Edit Time’ or ‘Cancel Trip’ (free of charge unless you have already been matched with a driver)
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Change or Cancel Scheduled Trips

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