226: Amazon Associates 101

Episode 141: The Amazon Associates Show

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Today is all about The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

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Amazon Associates 101:

What is the Amazon Associates program?
How much does Amazon pay in commissions?
How do you join the affiliate program?
What are some pros of the program?
What are the things that can get you in trouble and banned from Amazon Associates?
What are some good ways to use Amazon affiliate links and start making some money?

Episode Notes for Ep141


Amazon Associates started in 1996.
The largest and most successful online affiliate program with close to a million members.
Amazon Associates is free to join and is open to anyone who owns a website or is an Amazon seller or a web developer.

Learn More About Amazon Associates:

Here is how it works: Amazon pays you a commission for sending them business. You send them business when people click on your Amazon affiliate links that take them to the Amazon.

-Amazon provides you with specially formatted links for each product you want to promote.
-You create content and posts promoting products on Amazon and include your Amazon affiliate links. People view your content, click on the link you provide them and it takes them to Amazon. Amazon pays you a percentage of what they purchase for the next 24 hours.

How much does Amazon pay in commissions?

Typically anywhere from 0–10%
4–8% is about the average.

  1. 0%: on Amazon digital downloads such as music, videos, Amazon software and game downloads, eDocs, Kindle books, blogs, newsfeeds or kindle magazines, etc.
  2. 0%: Amazon Gift Cards and Wine. Sorry.
  3. 1%: Video games & video consoles like Nintendo
  4. 2%: Televisions
  5. 2.5%: Computers, Computer Parts, DVDS & Blu-Ray at
  6. 3%: Toys
  7. 4%: Amazon Fire Tablets & Kindles at
  8. 4.5%: Physical Books, Health, Personal & Health care products, Automotive and Baby Products at
  9. 6%: Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments and Business & Industrial Supplies at
  10. 7%: Clothing, Amazon Smart TVs, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags, Watches and Amazon Echo & Alexa] 8% Furniture, Home & Lawn & Garden and Pets up
  11. 10%: Amazon Fashion Women, Mens & Kids Private Label, Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins at

Everything else: 4% (Electronics, gear, cameras, video…)


Amazon also runs special promotions and pays out flat rate dollar amounts that they call ‘Bounties’ and they could be pretty significant if you had a lot of traffic to your website or wherever you promote products.e

Sample Bounties:
Audible Trial Memberships: $5
Audible Gold Memberships: $10
Amazon Prime Referrals: $3
Amazon Fresh Groceries: $5
Kindle Memberships: $5
Twitch Prime: $3


It’s easy and free.
Fill out this application


  1. Passive Income Steady revenue source
  2. No traffic restrictions. New website owners with little traffic can join.
  3. People Trust Amazon so it easy for people to click your affiliate links
  4. 24-hour Cookies: Affiliates will get credit for sales for 24-hours after someone clicks your link if they buy anything within that 24-hours.
  5. Amazon offers many promotional tools
  6. Motivation to create more content. Money might be the motivator at first, but over time, you start focusing on helpful content more.

One side tip: If you are in the early stages of building an online presence and website, hold off to join Amazon Associates until you are up and running, because if you go too long with no activity, they could close your account, so don’t start until you have a little momentum in building content.

Things That Can Get You Banned

Amazon Policies:
Click Here To View Amazon Operating Agreement Here:

Do Nots:

  1. Do not shop using your own links.
  2. Do not put Amazon Affiliate links in email newsletters or PDF documents.
  3. Do not put Amazon Affiliate links in eBooks.
  4. Do not open multiple accounts. Use Tracking IDs for multiple websites.


  1. Do Use Disclosures. Be transparent.

Feel free to copy mine:

Amazon Associates Disclosure:
Mike Murphy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

I may receive a commission from Amazon and other affiliate programs at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I use and love or that I think will be helpful to you.


What are some good ways to properly use Amazon Associates and generate some extra revenue:

  1. Create content around products and gear and tools around your niche or area of interest and expertise
  2. Gear, Tech & Product Reviews
  3. Blog Posts, Tutorials, Article
  4. Show notes of podcasts on your website
  5. Book reviews and sharing your favorite
  6. Resource Pages on your Website
  7. Kit.com: you can view my Kits of gear I use.


I love everything about Amazon Associates Program. I like teaching people about products I use and think will help them and most people feel good about using affiliate links for people they know and like. It does not cost them anything and if you provide people with useful recommendations and solutions to their problems, it feels good and it could be a steady source of passive income for you.

Just follow the rules and it’s up to you to know what they are and there is plenty of information on Amazon and online as you do not want to risk getting shut down for a simple mistake.

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