Episode 140 of Mike Murphy Unplugged

Ep140: The Podcast Roadmap Summary:

Today I simplify the start to finish process for starting a podcast. The Podcast Roadmap is an outline, or an overview for how to start a podcast from start to finish.This is the cheat sheet I wish I had when I started.

The Cheat Sheet
Download The PodacastRoadmap (no email required)

In Episode 140:

What is The Podcast Roadmap?
Who is it For?
What are the main steps in the Roadmap for launching a podcast from start to finish?

What is The Podcast Roadmap?

The Podcast Roadmap is a comprehensive overview of how to launch a podcast.

The purpose is to help you connect the dots of setting up a podcast from the moment you decide you want to start a podcast to going live on Apple Podcasts.

The Roadmap is not intended to go into great detail of each step of podcasting, but to help you wrap your head around, and visualize the chronological order in which to setup a podcast along with some universally common tasks that make it all very easy to understand and will keep you on track.

Why Did I Create The Roadmap

I created The Podcast Roadmap for a client who asked me to email them what they needed to do to setup a podcast.

They needed the elevator pitch for starting a podcast, so I created a one-page outline that I refer to as The Podcast Roadmap because it will help you navigate the process of setting up a new podcast.

There are a lot of moving parts to setting up and producing a podcast, but once you understand the big picture view, it’s then just a matter of going down the list and getting things done.. .

Who is The Podcast Roadmap For?

  1. You want to start a podcast without the overwhelm and confusion
  2. You decided to start a podcast, but don’t know where to start
  3. You have a podcast but do not really understand the big picture. You want to take it to the next level but need to learn the fundamentals so you can process the next move
  4. You already have a podcast but thinking of creating a new show and want a cheat sheet to make it quick and easy
  5. You have a client that wants you to set up a podcast and you want help

The Podcast Roadmap

  1. Planning
  2. Branding & Graphics
  3. Website & Media Hosting
  4. Podcast Production
  5. Launch & Share to the World
  6. Marketing
  7. Monetization (optional)

Download The Roadmap Cheat Sheet

1. Planning

Ben Franklin said: Failing to Plan is planning to fail.

The main tasks:

  • Start: Commit to starting a podcast. Do not overthink the process, but make sure you have time. Pick a launch date that is feasible and put it on the calendar (approximately 4–6 weeks).
  • Know your Why: What is your reason or goal for starting a podcast? Be honest. Nobody but you needs to understand or approve of your why. Just know it and it will make the hard work worth it. Because it is hard work.
  • Topic: Know your topic and visualize your target audience.
  • Format: What is the format of your show (solo, interview, co-hosts, storytelling/audio drama, etc).
  • Duration: How long will each episode be approximately?
  • Name: Name your Podcast.
  • Domain Name: Buy matching domain name for your website if available.
  • Social Media Profiles: Create accounts across social media.

2. Branding & Graphics

Create cover art and brand identity

The main tasks:

  • Create cover art
  • Create brand & identity graphics for podcast, website and social media (headshots, photos, videos, logo, colors, fonts, graphics).
  • Music for Intro/Outro (optional)

3. Website & Media Hosting

Build your website or home-base for your podcast and select your podcast media host. They might be the same.

The main tasks:

  • Choose Podcast and Website Media Hosts
  • Build a podcast-ready website
  • Create RSS Feed

4. Podcast Production

In order to launch your podcast, you must record, edit and publish one episode

The main tasks:

  • Purchase gear
  • Download software to record & edit
  • Record & Edit Audio File and Export as .mp3 file
  • Add ID3 metadata tags to the mp3 file
  • Create Episode Blog Post & Show Notes
  • Publish

5. Launch & Share to the World

Launch your podcast!

The main tasks:

  • Submit to Apple Podcasts/iTunes.
  • Submit to other podcast directories (Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, Blubrry, Spreaker, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, etc).

6. Marketing & Promotion

Getting the word out about your podcast.

The main tasks:

  • Promote show on website and social media channels
  • Build a community (Facebook Group, for example)
  • Engage and grow your audience through email marketing
  • Join podcast communities and cross-promote
  • Be a guest on other podcasts
  • Build an Amazon Alexa Skill

7. Monetization.

Making money either directly or indirectly from your podcast.

The main tasks:

  • Sign up for affiliate programs: Register and sign up for partnership or affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates.
  • Prepare for Sponsorships: Prepare rate sheets and podcast information for sponsorship deals. This will likely require research
  • Promote Products and services: Promotion through social media and email marketing.

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