220: Instagram Stories: New Focus Mode & Mention Stickers (Tutorial)

New April 2018 Updates

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My iOS Device:

iPhone X
iOS 11.3
Instagram Version 40.0

Video Tutorial Below:
The 2-minute Video Tutorial that covers everything in this article is at the bottom of this article if you want to pass on the reading and just learn the basics:

New features Instagram Stories:

  1. Focus Mode (Shallow Depth of Field)
    Available for iPhone 6S and newer
    Select Android Phones
  2. @Mention Stickers (Tag other accounts)
    Available on iOS Only for now
    Android TBD
    Note: Mentions [@] are not new. The stickers are new.
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1. Focus Mode:

To Access:
Located under the Shutter Button next to Boomerang
Tap on Focus
Use on Photos or Long-Press for 15-second videos

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What is Focus Mode?

  1. Instagram Focus Mode is similar to Apple Portrait Mode found on iPhone 7+ and newer. Focus mode looks for faces.
  2. Uses face-detection to keep the subject in focus and blur the background. This is known as shallow depth of field.
  3. Focus Mode is intended for portraits and is a very pleasing look
  4. Focus mode will work with more than one person in the frame and try to focus on all of the faces while blurring out the background slightly
  5. If no face is found, you will see ‘Find a Face’ error message on screen
  6. If face is too far away you will see ‘Move Closer’ error message on screen
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Photo/Video Tips Using Focus Mode:

1. Shoot at Golden Hour Whenever Possible

Sunset: Try going out 20 minutes before the sunrise and 40 minutes after
Sunset: The light is usually best about 40 minutes before sunset and 20 minutes after (some of the best colors happen after the sun sets and most people leave too early). Always stick around after the sunset for about 30 minutes.

2. Face the Sun

Do not shoot with the sun or light behind you or the subject
If the light is too bright when facing it, look for shade or create with some type of diffusion

3. Pay attention to the Background

-Always look behind you or the subject and try for simple backgrounds when possible.
-Avoid distracting background elements (random people, parked cars, trash cans, electric/telephone poles…).
-A background with a touch of color is always nice
- Keep the horizon line straight
-Make sure the horizon line is not decapitating you (in line with neck)
-Make sure nothing looks like it is growing out of your head (trees, perhaps?

3. Mention Stickers

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  1. Use Mention Stickers to Tag Another Account
  2. Currently Available on iOS Only.
  3. Fix for Android Users: Use ‘@’ with the type tool to mention other accounts. It does the exact same thing as the Mention Sticker.
  4. To Use Mention Stickers
    Take Photo or Video tap smiley face icon in the upper right ( the same place you access emoticons, etc)
    Type in account and tap the circle when you see it to add it.
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Video Tutorial

Questions, Comments, Feedback?



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