212: Podcasters: How To Add Auphonic Extension to Adobe Audition CC

Mike Murphy
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Install & Use Auphonic in Adobe Audition

Summary of Tip: You will learn how to install the new Auphonic extension in Adobe Audition CC. FYI, the Auphonic extension is also available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Note: You must have Adobe Creative Cloud installed on your computer for this to work.

There is step by step text instructions below and I have also included my YouTube video tutorial at the end if you want to skip everything and get right into it.

Audition & Auphonic Sitting in a Tree…

The Tools

Auphonic: A web-based service for audio post-production to make your podcast recordings sound professional and meet broadcast standards. There is a desktop and iOS version of Auphonic and now an Extension for Adobe Audition CC.

Adobe Audition CC: My podcasting Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice and it is software used to record and edit audio. Audition is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle or you can purchase a la carte for $19.99/month.

Adobe Exchange Website: There are tons of free and paid extensions for all of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and you will find the Auphonic extension on this website if you click Audition in the left sidebar. Cost of Auphonic: Free

Official Tutorials on the Auphonic Extension

Adobe Blog: Here you will find the complete tutorial on how to Install & Use the Auphonic Extension for both Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro CC

Auphonic: You can also find the same tutorial on the Auphonic website that will walk you through how to use Auphonic in Audition & Premiere.

Step by Step Instructions in Adobe Audition CC 2018

  1. Enable Extensions in Audition Preferences
    Go to Audition…Preferences…General..Check ‘Enable Extensions’
  2. Quit Audition and Re-Open for changes to take effect
  3. Go to Window…Find Extensions on Exchange
  4. Look for Audition in left sidebar and click. Then Click on Auphonic for Adobe Audition and click on Title
  5. Click Blue Install Button and it will automatically install in Audition
  6. Open audio file and go to Windows…Extensions…Auphonic
  7. Sign in to Auphonic or Register
  8. Change Title
  9. Select Preset from Auphonic
  10. Start Production and you will be re-directed to Auphonic
  11. You will receive email with a download link when done.

Video Tutorial

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