206: The Evernote Show (Episode 130)

My new (old) digital brain

Ep130: The Evernote Show

Topics Covered:
What is Evernote?
How does it work and what can it do?
Why has it taken me 10 years to finally start using it consistently?
How do I use it?

Promo Video (for fun only)

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What is Evernote?

Evernote is a Silicon Valley company that officially launched in 2007 but was available to the public in 2008–2009. There are 200 million users of Evernote.

When did I join Evernote?

I created my account in January of 2009 as a beta user. I have started and stopped using it at least 20 times. I have always liked it, but could never make it helpful for me.

What Does Evernote Do?

Evernote is the Swiss army knife of productivity tools and there are many features. Evernote is a note-taking and list making app, organizer of stuff, and place to archive and save stuff. Think of it like a filing cabinet for your brain and digital world that you can access from anywhere in the world.

What Evernote is not:

Evernote is not for backing up your data like Dropbox or Google Drive. Evernote makes virtual copies of everything you upload so you can view it and share it, but it does not store the original files.

Primary Uses of Evernote

Create and share notes.
Take or upload photos and mark them up or add notes, etc.
Record voice memo notes by itself or add to an existing note.
Scan business cards and any paper file
Create to-do lists with checkboxes and reminder alarms

Evernote 101: Getting Started

You sign up for a free account at Evernote.com
You download the free app for your Mac or Windows machine.
You then download the free Evernote app on your iOS or Android mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Why has it taken me 10 years to love Evernote?

  • I have always loved Evernote, but it never helped me and always felt like I had a giant pile of stuff that I never went back and looked at.
  • I signed up for Evernote when it first came out.
  • I have always loved the technology and simplicity of it.
  • The design and user-interface is beautiful.
  • It works incredibly well and syncs seamlessly.
  • It’s free or inexpensive which I like.
  • It’s up there with two of my favorites Gmail & Dropbox.
  • I am a less is more person. Evernote was clutter to me and it did not help my workflow or productivity.
  • I saw Evernote as a ‘digital cemetery’. Once stuff went to Evernote, I never saw it again.
  • Many tutorials I watched had complicated organization and tagging systems (see Michael Hyatt and Dave Ramsey…)that I just did not want to deal with.
  • But, I never deleted or canceled my app because I knew I would figure out a way to use it because it’s a powerful tool.

Why did I start Evernote again in 2018?

I felt disorganized and could not process all of the information and resources that I read and learn online.

So How do I use Evernote:

The power of Evernote is in Search and Tags and not in creating an elaborate Notebook system to organize your notes.
Everything is searchable in Evernote and in fact it is kind of mind-boggling how good it is. It’s Gmail good.

How I Organize Evernote:

Everything stars in the Inbox
Then I tag it, re-title, add notes and file in the right Notebook.

All Things Go To Inbox First


Evernote is free to join and paid plans are available for upgrade which you will likely do once you start using Evernote on a regular basis.

Do you use Evernote?

I would love to hear about how you use Evernote or what your organization system looks like or if have questions, comments or feedback please send them to me at: mike@mikemurphy.co



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