201: The Twitter Show Recap (Ep126)

with special guest: Ross Brand

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Show Notes for Ep126:
The Twitter Show


What is Twitter?
How does it work?

1.Is Twitter still relevant for content creators and personal brands in 2018 and if so, why?

2. Should you share content from all other social media channels and is there any best practices to follow?

3. What is the etiquette of liking posts, retweeting and sharing tweets?

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Episode 126: Twitter
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Ross Brand from LivestreamUniverse.com

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About Ross:
Ross Brand is a pioneer in the live-streaming field as both a prolific content creator and thought-leader exploring the different ways to leverage live video to grow your business or brand. Ross made the successful transition from terrestrial radio to live streaming, founding LivestreamUniverse.com to empower other live video creators by showcasing their content through updates and shows. “There is no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand,” said Jon Burk of Roker Media. Named the world’s number 1 livestreaming expert to follow on social media by Klout and selected as one of “5 live video experts to follow” by Switcher Studio, Ross has been a featured speaker at Summit Live, Summit on Content Marketing and New York University’s Division of Programs in Business.


What is Twittter exactly?
Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, known as “tweets.”

It is called a micro-blog because people post short content.

Twitter changed from 140 character limit to 280 characters in November 2017.

You can post text, photos, videos, gifs, and even do live video on Twitter which is really popular in newsbreaking events such as during hurricanes, etc. stuff or design resources and just skim to see what’s going on.

Twitter Tip #1: When traveling, use Twitter to contact airlines if plane is canceled or you need to re-book or get on the standby list. Twitter customer service of airlines is easy and effective.

Bonus Tip #2: If you are in the service business, use Twitter as to connect with customers. Social media customer service is real and expected in 2018.


Twitter has been around since 2006 and was founded by some Jack Dorsey (also the founder of Square),
Noah Glass
Biz Stone
Ev Williams (founder of Medium.com)


You can follow anyone on Twitter.
You must be followed by a user in order to send someone a direct message on Twitter.
Each post of 280 characters or less is called a Tweet.
The @ symbol is for mentions to direct a tweet at someone specifically
Hashtags = # and are used for topics
You can like someone’s Tweet by pressing the heart or you can re-tweet a Tweet and share it with your audience which is a greate way to get exposure.
The Twitter logo bird is named Larry.


  1. Twitter has approximately 350 million user
  2. Over 500 million tweets go out per day
  3. 80% of Twitter users are on mobile devices
  4. 80% of Twitter accounts are overseas
  5. 56% of users make over 56K per year
  6. Despite financial uncertainties, Twitter is valued at over 16Billion.
  7. More than 100 million tweets contain Animate Gifs.
  8. Katy Perry has been in the #1 position for a few years with the most followers on Twitter with over 108 million.
  9. Justin Bieber is a close 2nd with over 100 million
  10. Barack Obama is 3rd and the current president is #20 on the list with 47 million followers


  1. Is Twitter still relevant for content creators and personal brands in 2018 and if so, why?
    Summary of response: Ross explains that every content creator needs to be on Twitter as it is expected and what people look up when doing research on someone.
  2. Do you recommend sharing content from all other social media channels and is there any best practices to follow?
    Summary of response: Absolutely share everything but use unique descriptions and it is okay to share something 4–5 times per day for a few days.
  3. Can you explain the etiquette of liking posts, retweeting and sharing tweets?
    Summary of response: Like a tweet is the mildest. Retweeting is endorsing the post and Retweeting with a Quote is the best way to show your appreciate and get the most exposure. Use #hashtags and (…@…) Mentions


To promote your podcast and other content:
Tweet out the4–5 times per day with a link to my podcast and/or website.

Repeat this for 3–4 days and do less and less each day.

Tool to Schedule & Send Tweets:

And the Grand Finale Bonus Tip:
Use Video Replies @
Make someone’s day and record a short video thanking someone and send it as a direct message to show you care #nicetouch

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