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Podcast Episode 119: The Podcast & Business Show

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Who is this episode for?:

Today’s show will benefit anyone who has a business, but will be especially helpful for brick and mortar and more traditional small businesses who are looking for ways to increase local business and sales and to ramp up their online presence.

Podcast Promo Video for Episode 119:

I make these for fun and to promote my podcast in a unique way.

5 reasons for businesses to start a podcast in 2018:

Advertising & Sales
Authority Building
Client Relations & Community Building
Content Marketing
Revenue Stream


There are many benefits and upsides to podcasting, but podcasting is hard work. It sounds fun and easy in all of the articles, but it can be very difficult to produce an ongoing podcast. It is more just pressing record on your iPhone and pressing upload. It takes more than buying a $50 USB microphone and a $15 hosting account.

Secret to Podcasting:

People start listening to a podcast because they are interested in the topic or someone tells them to check it out. They subscribe and keep coming back because of the host and because the podcast is useful (educating/informative), entertaining (fun) and/or it improves their life (makes them healthy, happy, saves them time, money…). Podcasting is an intimate medium. People feel like they know the host of their favorite podcasters. They are friends even though they have never met. They trust the podcaster because they show up week after week and give them good information.

5 Reasons To Start a Business Podcast in 2018

This is for any business, but I think local businesses would really benefit from a podcast to reach their clients and grow their business. This is for you if you are realtor, mortgage broker, financial consultant, restaurant or cafe, pet store owner, grocery market, plumber, electrician, landscaper, painter, designer, housecleaner…etc. etc.

1. Advertising & Sales.

Relevant form or advertising, marketing and promotion through storytelling, education and/or entertainment . It’s no longer about blasting zip codes with marketing materials hoping you win the numbers game. It’s about being where your customers are which in most cases is on their mobile device. One of the major reasons audio content and podcasting is on the rise is because people spend the most time on their mobile devices and podcasts and audiobooks are the best on mobile devices because people can multi-task but still consume great content.

Case Study: Realtors

Many realtors spend a lot of money every month on oversized flyers. They are often poorly designed with an outdated headshot, too many photos and busy typography. Honestly, the only reason I ever look at flyers in my mailbox is to check out and study the designs (some are well done). I know realtors who pay for website ads they do not understand and brings them almost no business, they buy ads in magazines, newspapers, and various outlets that bring little business, but it is how everyone in their office and industry does it. The mentality is all about numbers. Just put stuff in as many mailboxes as possible in the ‘good’ neighborhoods or zip codes and law of averages will play out and you will get a call.

  1. Real Estate Podcast: Talk about the drop in mortgage rates or stock market or bitcoin news.How to sell your house. Tips for buying your first home. Best schools in your town. Interview other mortgage brokers, bankers, local business owners, superintendents of schools. Represent your town and community in a positive way and educate people about your area of expertise and your area. Answer the questions everybody has to save them time and over-deliver on information and value and you will stand apart from everybody.

2. Authority Building.

This is kind of a know brainer. Podcast about a topic you know a lot about and you will be viewed as an industry expert and it will likely open up other opportunities for you and your business such as speaking gigs and collaborations, etc.

3. Client Relations & Community Building

Turn your clients into raging fans. Podcasts are an intimate medium and an effective way to put your clients and potential clients on a pedestal or to just give them information they need or want. Podcasting is like a direct one-to-one conversation with your clients and if you have something like a Facebook Group built around your podcast, you could build up quite a community and your business will be center stage.

4. Content Marketing.

You hear content is king all the time right, well there is a lot of truth to that. You may be the best photographer or restaurant in town, but when I ask Siri for a recommendation is your name going to come up on top? Content makes you relevant. Google rewards business and brands who create useful and relevant content and are going to put those who have active and engaging audiences on the top of search. People spend most of their time on their mobile devices and when they need to find a service they ask Siri or maybe check on maps or do a quick search in mobile safari and look at the top results listed by Google Maps.

5. Income (Revenue Generator)

It is never a good idea to start a podcast expecting to make money from it, but you can make money with sponsors, affiliate partnerships and direct sales form products and services you offer. Introducing a podcast to your business strategy has a very real potential to increase sales and revenue across the board.


Podcasting is hard work and not for every type of business, but is a great medium for those businesses who are ready to step up their online presence and looking to innovate and market outside the box.

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