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181: Ep104 The Podcast Movement Show

Why I attended Podcast Movement 2017

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EP104: The Podcast Movement Show

Today is Part 2 of 2 in which I will share the highlights and lessons learned from my first, but definitely not last, Podcast Movement which I attended in Anaheim, California August 22–26th, 2017.

Today’s Episode 104 will cover:

The breakdown of Podcast Movement 2017
What were the highlights for me?
Were my goals and expectations that I shared in Episode 103 met?
What did I learn and takeaway from the event?
What are my plans to implement what I learned?


I had an incredible time, I hung out and met some amazing people and it was worth every penny and I will absolutely be back for Podcast Movement 2018.

The breakdown of Podcast Movement 2017

The 4th annual Podcast Movement, a conference for podcasters by podcasters.

August 22–25th, 2017

Convention Center Marriott in Anaheim, California

What were the highlights for me?


Meeting new people and connecting with familiar faces or those I considered online friends that I got to meet in person for the first time. My priority was building and strengthening relationships with like minded creators and podcasters.

My struggle

Events and conferences are not easy for me.
The minute I walked into the Marriott, I got a pit in my stomach, but you have to push through and make the most of it. Fortunately, many podcasters share the same introvert tendencies, so it made it easier I suppose.

Other highlights

New Attendee Orientation session on the first day was helpful as it was an ice-breaker and informative.

The keynote speeches from Dan Carlin of Hardcore History and Aaron Mahnke of Lore Podcast were really impactful and inspiring to me.

Their message was simple: The playing field is level and opportunities are plenty if you are willing to be consistent with creating quality content and put in the hard work.

The exhibition floor with Adobe, Shure, etc.

Were my goals and expectations met?


In episode 103, the Conference Show I stated that I had 5 main goals and expectations for attending Podcast Movement 2017 and they were:

Knowledge & Education
Inspiration & Creativity
Travel/Fun/Social Interaction


I have a stack of new business cards and I made some great new relationships and friends. I give myself a solid B to B+ for networking, which I knew would be my biggest challenge.


I left this conference with the clarity to understand that I need to do a better job at bundling up what I do and make it clear to others what it is I can do for them. I already had the answers, but Podcast Movement gave me the added insights I needed.

Knowledge & Education

I did enjoy a 1:1 lesson on compression at the Adobe Audition booth and I probably could have stayed there all day.

Inspiration & Creativity

I left feeling inspired and my creative juices were re-fueled and I am more excited than ever to move my podcast and online business forward.

Travel/Fun/Social Interaction

I love being in California and who can turn down a day walking around Disney town.

What did I learn and takeaway from the event?

I need to fix my business model quickly and clearly communicate what I sell and start selling.

How will I implement what I learned from PM17?

Action one

is to fix the Hire Mike page on my website and get rid of anything that is no longer relevant and add examples of videos and tutorials that I want to sell to businesses and brands.

Simplify My Message:

I make tutorial and how-to videos for businesses and content creators.
I make promo videos for use on social media channels
I offer 1:1 problem solving and advice sessions on Skype.

Action Two

is to make at least one digital course for sale.

Will I be at Podcast Movement in Philadelphia in 2018?

Without a doubt.


I attended Podcast Movement 2017 to learn, create and move forward.
I did.

Can I Help You?

I create content and help people figure things out.

I make podcasts and videos that teach people how to make better content.

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My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.
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