177: Gear Review: Samson Q2U Recording & Podcasting Pack

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The Video Review:

Review: The Samson Q2U Dynamic Microphone

The Product

http://amzn.to/2tQBpRZ (UK)

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  • XLR Connector to plug into interface, mixer or handy recorder.
  • USB Connector to plug into Mac/PC or use with iOS Devices (Apple connector kit required)
  • Headphone output with volume control on the bottom to monitor sound.
  • Podcasting Pack Includes: Q2U Microphone, Desktop Stand, Mic Clip, USB Cable, and XLR Cable
  • The Q2U is a dynamic microphone which is ideal for podcasters and broadcasters because dynamics do a good job of rejecting ambient room noise.
  • This entire video was recorded using the Samson Q2U into the Zoom H6.
  • Video made using Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects
  • Similar to Audio Technica ATR2100 microphone in price and sound quality.
  • Green LED light indicator nice and subtle compared to the bright blue light of ATR2100.

The Verdict:

It would make a great entry level podcasting mic or all-purpose content creator mic.

It will live in my mobile podcasting/travel kit because I love being able to use the XLR connector with my Zoom H6 or use the USB and record audio right into my iPhone or iPad using the Apple Connector Kit.

The Q2U & ATR2100 sound rich and boomy and pretty silent, but there is a synthetic/electronic feel to it that I do not hear with a higher end mic like the Shure SM58 or Shure SM7b. The higher end mics feel cleaner and a little flatter, but for under $60, there is a lot of bang for your buck with this microphone.

I was impressed by the build quality (it felt solid), it had a nice black matte finish to it and it made me think of my Shure SM58 (one of my favorite mics).

Pros: Price, Build Quality, Sound, USB/XLR

Cons: Accessories

Accessories I recommend:

On Stage QK2B Microphone Clip Quick Release:

On-Stage Mic MY325 Clip & Shockmount ($6):

To Attach to Boom Arm:
On Stage MY-420 Studio Microphone Shock Mount:

Other Gear Mentioned in Video:
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Interface (one of my favorites):

Apple USB3 to Lightning (to use with iOS Devices):
https://goo.gl/BZqNQ4 (not an affiliate link)

Gear Used & Mentioned in Video:

Audio Technica ATR2100 Microphone:

Shure SM58 Microphone:

  • I am an Amazon Associate, so I get a commission from Amazon if you purchase at no cost to you

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