171: Export from Premiere Pro CC to Adobe Media Encoder CC

My secret weapon for video editing workflow

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Export from Adobe Premiere Pro CC To Adobe Media Encoder CC

When using Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro CC I export to Queue which opens Adobe Media Encoder. I name the video, apply a video preset like YouTube, I tell it where to save the video and I hit play and go back to editing and Media Encoder runs in the background. You can put unlimited videos in the Queue and it will keep exporting them until done and it never interrupts After Effects or Premiere.

You can also upload a video or audio files (podcasts, perhaps?) and match broadcast standards of -19LUFS & -16 LUFS so your audio is good.

I love Adobe Media Encoder because it is simple and allows me to keep editing.

Adobe Media Encoder is a standalone app
I think of it like Adobe Bridge but for Premiere & After Effects
Ingest, transcode, create proxies, and output any format you can imagine.
Adobe Media Encoder is included in Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

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To export videos with presets (YouTube, etc) from Premiere & AE without needing to stop editing.

Send to Media Encoder Queue and go back to editing

Integrates with Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC

Video & Audio Presets

Great for Podcast Audio. Match Loudness standards of -19LUFS (mono) or -16LUFS (stereo)

To Export Sequences from Premiere to Adobe Media Encoder:

  1. File Export
  2. Select Presets (Match Bitrate or YouTube are what I use most)
  3. Click Output and change name and where you want to save
  4. On Bottom Click Queue
  5. Media Encoder will open (may take a few seconds)
  6. Verify Output settings and Save Location
  7. Click Play arrow in upper right
  8. Done

Video Tutorial:

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