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Every Friday I make a 60-second video for Instagram & Facebook to accompany my podcast. Confession: I’m not really sure it is to promote the podcast as much as to work on my After Effects and creative skills in video. I make things to learn and to push myself. I make content daily so I have no time to overthink or worry about perfection or whether it’s good enough. I just Do and try to get better each day.

Here is the video for episode 95 with footage from my most recent trip to see Dead & Co at Fenway Park in Boston.

Ep95: Podcast Promo Vido

Made in Adobe After Effects

Music in Video:

EP95: The Travel Show

Today’s episode 95 is all about peace of mind traveling and working remotely, my ultimate goal for Mike Murphy LLC.

I recently traveled to Boston to see Dead & Co. at the legendary Fenway Park and have a few trips planned for the summer and I hope you do as well.

Topics in the podcast include:

  1. How I prepare my digital assets and schedule my content before the trip.
  2. What types of content can you create while traveling to promote your online business and brand yet still enjoy your travel experience.
  3. What tools and gear do I pack in my travel bag?
  4. What are some post-trip tips and best practices for when you get back to the studio or home office?

Part 1. Pre-Trip Planning:

Old school clipboard to keep on going to-do list of everything I needed to get done.

Google Calendar for travel times, appointments and job commitments.

Email to communicate with clients.

Wallet App on iPhone for Boarding Passes

–Master folder called Travel

–Create sub-folders for each trip.

–Keep photos of license, passport, health insurance card, and all of the phone numbers of credit cards.

Ever lose your wallet? Keep the inventory of everything in your wallet with how to replace. Losing cash sucks, but figuring out what you lost is time consuming. Make it easy and it takes 30 seconds to do.

I use 1Password as my password manager and store all of my credit card numbers.

Create a blank Google Doc for content ideas and notes and maybe highlights of the trip so you can write Medium articles or Insta stories, etc.

LaCie Rugged 4TB

I like Lacie Rugged Drives for travel storage.

Google Drive
Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
iCloud Drive

I store logos, brand identity graphics, podcast production files (artwork, intro/outro music).
Everything I need to make content is accessible from any computer or device, anywhere in the world.

  1. Look at the calendar well in advance of a trip.
  2. Create content for each day and buffer in day before and after.
  3. Schedule podcasts using Wordpress or media host
  4. Schedule newsletter in MailChimp
  5. Schedule Youtube, Facebook, Medium
  6. Store Instagram content on iPhone
  7. Do everything before you travel. Enjoy your trip!
  8. Save live streaming and Insta stories for the trip (the easy part)

Free up as much space as possible on your iPhone and iPad. Empty your camera roll (yes, empty!) Organize and back it up on your computer. (Yes, really).

I use Adobe Lightroom to organize photos

  1. Get your gear ready well in advance
  2. Format memory cards for your camera, GoPro, Zoom Recorder
  3. Get your bag out
  4. Get Rechargeable batteries charged up (I ❤️ Eneloop Batteries)
Eneloop Rechargeables

Part 2: Creating Content While Traveling

I am not a good planner, but think about what you might want to create. If you can write down outlines or ideas even better. Do not travel with the plan of shooting everything and dealing with it upon return. #Notfun.

I shot b-roll of my bags and concert tickets and a time lapse of me packing before I left so I could dump the footage and had a start to my video.

Daily vlog: document your trip and take your audience along.

Live Streaming on Instagram YouTube & Facebook is easy and great content.

Social media status updates or videos (Facebook, Insta, Twitter)

Podcast or create audio for Anchor (it’s making a comeback)

Write blog posts or Medium articles i

Create a documentary style travel video of the whole trip adds personality to your brand.

Shoot everything in chronological order and be consistent.

Wake up early and get into a routine.

For videos or photo stories:
Capture wide, medium and close up shots.

Wide angled (establishing) shots tell your viewers where you are

Medium shots frame the shot a little closer and make your viewers feel like they are there with you.

Close-ups are fun, interesting and add detail and style.

Part 3: The Gear

Cameras & Lenses
iPhone 6
iPad Pro 9.7"
GoPro Hero 4
Canon t5i DSLR
Canon 24–105 L
Canon 10–18 mm lens
Canon 50mm 1.4

Manfrotto Lumimuse LED Light

Rode Smartlav Plus Microphone for iPhone

Zoom H6
Shure SM58
Rode Smartlav+
Rode VideoMic

Anker USB Power Chargers

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
Anker Charger (small)
Anker Charger (big)

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

MeFoto Daytrip
Manfrotto Pixi Mini
MeFoto Sidekick 360
DJI Osmo

Favorite Travel Backpack
Tom Bihn Backpack

Part 4: Coming Home Tips

Tip #1 Unpack immediately.
Tip #2 Download all memory cards of photos, videos and audio and back them up on your hard drives
Tip #3 Clean and organize your gear
Tip #4 While still on the travel buzz, start to organize and work on putting your footage together into content you can share online. Even if something really small. Your social media followers

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Podcast & Tech Handyman. I make tutorials and help people figure things out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co