167: Travel Quick Tip: Find Popular Food & More in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is available on Macs & iOS Devices

Apple Maps had a rocky start. It’s come a long way. It’s now my default over Google Maps and I never thought that was possible. Searching for restaurants has been around Google & Apple Maps for some time, but Apple Maps makes it really easy to sort by Popular and then break that down by types of restaurants so you can find recommendations for the type of food you want.

You can also find popular Shopping, Services, Things To Do… with little effort. I like the simplicity, which is what we all like when traveling. We’re hungry and feel like a good Mexican restaurant but we are not familiar with this place and Yelp is just plain annoying. #applemapsisprettydarngoodnow


  1. Open Maps
  2. Click Search Bar
  3. Click Food
  4. Click Popular
  5. Browse Popular
  6. Look on Bottom to Scroll through Specialty Categories of Popular (Seafood, Italian, Cafes, Chinese….)
  7. Numbers on Map indicate how many of that type of restaurant are located in that cluster or area of the map.

Find Popular Shopping, Things to Do, Cafes, …

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