140: Quick Tip: Effects in Waveform vs. Multitrack in Adobe Audition

Waveform vs. Multi-Track Effects

Tip #1:

Always make a copy of your original file before you start editing just in case you apply ‘permanent’ effects.

Waveform Editor (Shortcut Key 9): Effects are Permanent (Destructive)

Effects & Presets (EQ, Compression, Dynamics…) applied in the Waveform are ‘baked’ into the file so once you save, the audio file is permanently changed. Therefore, this is considered Destructive Editing.

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Waveform (Shortcut Key 9)

Multi-Track (Shortcut Key 0): Effects are Non-Destructive

This is where I usually assemble my podcast (add intro & outro)
You can add all the same effects in Multi-track but they remain in the Effects Rack so you can alter or modify at a later date. This is considered Non-Destructive because the original audio file is untouched.

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Multi-Track (Shortcut Key 0)

Why does Audition even have Destructive Editing?

Back in the day journalists and radio people recorded and sent off final audio file and that was it. There was no time or need to assemble in Multitrack. So if you have a need for speed, use Waveform and go, but just understand that you can not go back and tweak the effects.

My advice:

Apply Effects in Multi-Track, but still work on a copy of original so if you apply effects in Waveform, you can always go back to original.

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