137: Podcast Episode 80: My Show Notes Workflow Step by Step

My Podcast: Mike Murphy Unplugged

Podcast Episode 80: The Show Notes Show

Episode 80 of Mike Murphy Unplugged Podcast Covers:
How I write my show notes
How I Format my Show Notes for the Web
How I Prepare my episode artwork
How I Schedule & Publish Each Weekly Episode on my Wordpress Site.

What are Show Notes?:

– It’s the text that accompanies each podcast episode.
– This article is essentially show notes
– Usually in the form of a blog post on the podcast website
– Show notes are often embedded in file and can be read in podcast player
– Show Notes are where you would leave links and resources to items mention in the podcast and provide a good overview of what listeners can expect if they listen.

Tools I Use for Show Notes Workflow:

Adobe Indesign
Scrivener *
Divi Theme by ElegantThemes.com *
PowerPress Plugin by Blubrry

*affiliate link (I get a coffee if you purchase)

Show Notes: How To Not Hate Them

  1. Have a repeatable process
  2. Write Script or Outline with Show Notes in mind.
  3. Find balance and do not agonize over the ‘rules’

Mike Murphy Unplugged Show Notes Workflow:

Step 1:
Prepare Episode Artwork & Featured Image in Adobe inDesign

Tool Used: Adobe Indesign
Time: 5–10 minutes

Step 2:
Create Outline from Script in Scrivener

Tool Used: Scrivener
Time: 10–20 minutes

Step 3:
Use MultiMarkdown in Byword to Format for Wordpress

Tool: Byword
Time: 5–10 minutes

Step 4:
Create New Blog Post in Wordpress

–Schedule the post to Publish on Fridays (for me).
–Change permalink episode link to make sharing easy
–Replace Episode & Featured Images
Time: 10 minutes

Step 5:
Log in to Libsyn (media host)

–Copy mp3 url
–Copy podcast player code
Time: 5 minutes

Step 6:
Paste MP3 URL from Libsyn into PowerPress Plugin

–Paste mp3 url in Power Press
–Paste Podcast Player Code in Post
Time: 2 minutes

Step 7:
Prepare the newsletter in Mailchimp

-Copy Summary & Episode Description from Scrivener
Time: 20–30 minutes (good trivia takes time :D)

Step 8:
Create a promo video for each episode

Time: 1–2 hours

Step 9:
Use Buffer

–send show notes page out to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
Time: 5 minutes

Rinse & Repeat

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