134: Quick Tip: Pixel Dimensions for Instagram Stories

This tip is for Instagram Stories. There are different sizes for traditional Instagram posts.


What is the best size for images or videos to upload to Instagram Stories?


1080 pixels Wide x 1920 pixels tall

Aspect Ratio:

1080 width x 1920 height has the Aspect Ratio: 9:16
High-Definition Video is typically 1920 wide x 1080 tall (16:9 aspect ratio)

Wikipedia can tell you all about aspect ratio (it’s nerdy), but all you need to know it is that the height and width always stay the same proportions. For example 1280x720 (also known as 720p or Standard HD, is also 16:9).

Note: Instagram Stories will allow you to upload other sizes or even square to your stories, but they will be cropped in and parts of your photo or video will get cutoff.

If you are designing custom artwork in Photoshop or making a video in Premiere Pro or After Effects, size the artwork for 1080 pixels Wide and 1920 Tall.

Video Tutorial:

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