130: Quick Tip: How to Call Google 24/7 Phone Support for G-Suite Users

The Main Tip: All G-Suite subscribers can call Google & get help on the phone. I’ve done it a bunch for various issues and it’s like Apple Care. Friendly and Knowledgeable.

24/7 Customer Support for G-Suite Users (Phone, Chat, Email)

How Much is G-Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work?:

$5/month/per user and I recommend for anyone who has a website and online business.

Why do I use & love G-Suite?

Gmail for my domain names and brand is #1 reason. I have used Gmail for my personal email since it started and to be able to use it with any domain name and website I have is a bargain at $5/month.

I also love having all of my Google productivity tools and resources in one dashboard all built around my brand. I am building a business and G-Suite allows me to add users ($5/user) that I can assign email addresses to and have admin control over permissions, etc. Powerful stuff for a one man band yet more than capable of handling an organization.

Features of G-Suite:

Google Productivity Apps: Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google Plus, Drive (storage), Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Users, Apps….All branded to your domain and all for $5/month.

Tip: Did you know that you can add several domains under the same G-Suite account so you can basically have email addresses for all of your websites under one account. You can also add aliases for unlimited email addresses.

Customer Support for G-Suite Users

One perk that many people do not realize when they subscribe to G-Suite is 24/7 customer support by Phone, Chat or Email. I’ve used it several times and it rivals Apple Care support. I have never waited for a representative for more than a minute and they were always super nice and knowledgeable.

Instructions to Call G-Suite 24/7 Phone Support

  1. Open Gmail in Browser
  2. Click Gear Icon Under your Profile Pic in upper right
  3. Click Manage This Domain
  4. Click Support (question mark in green circle)
  5. Select Telephone icon in bottom of popup window
  6. Click ‘Get Pin’ Button
  7. Call Toll Free Number and Follow Prompts.

Video Tutorial:

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