119: Episode 75 Podcast Promo: The Freelance Services Show

Episode 75 of Mike Murphy Unplugged: The Freelancer Services List

Episode 75 Promo: The Freelancer Services List

Topic of Show:
Creating a master list of business services for freelancers and small brands. What do you do and why should someone hire you?

Mike Murphy LLC:
I have many skills and talents and I am a hard worker, but I need to be smarter about promoting my business and communicating what it is I can do so people hire me. One of the greatest benefits of creating a list of services as a freelancer or small business is to bring clarity to you and to those who are interested in you. Identify problems or pain points and offer solutions. What’s in it for them?

My Master List (Brain Dump Flush):

Part 1 is the Content Roadmap. This is to educate and to identify areas of their business that needs attention or to help them create a strategy reach their goals. What exactly is content creation and marketing and what are some examples?

Part 2 is what services I provide to help them. I will customize this list and have pricing when possible. Many projects will be customized, but I hope to productize my services as much as possible.

PART 1: CONTENT BLUEPRINT (Identifying relevant content marketing methods)


Home base for content:
Blog, Portfolio, eCommerce and products & Podcast Pages
Social Media Integration
Lead Generation & Email List Building
Google Apps for Work (G-Suite)
Affiliate Marketing


Blogging, How To’s & Tutorials & Articles, etc
Email Newsletter Content
Writing and publications on Medium.com
Authority Building & Networking on LinkedIn Pulse
Guest Blog Articles & Cross Content Marketing Vendors & Competitors
Self-Publishing & eBooks


Tutorials & Screencasting Educational Videos
Promo Videos
Explainer Videos & Animations
Gear & Product Reviews
Daily Vlog Style
Behind the Scenes
Courses for Sale
FAQ about business
Live-Streaming & Live Event Coverage
Social media video, etc


Coaching & Training Audio
Live Event & Conference Podcasting
Audio content for YouTube
Audiobooks (ACX)


The hub of most small brand’s content strategy.

Instagram: (Sponsored Ads, Instagram Stories, Live, & Daily Posts, Collaboration, Event Promos)
Facebook: (Ads, Pages, Private Groups, Events, Marketplace, Facebook Live, Facebook Stories (Coming Soon)
Twitter & Periscope: (Live stream & events. Authority branding & communication with clients & customers)
Snapchat: (For businesses that target 13–30 year olds.
Custom geo-filters)
LinkedIn: (Pulse for articles, Networking & promoting podcast)
Pinterest: (Very powerful for many businesses)

PART 2: MENU OF SERVICES (Solutions to help them with their content creation goals)


Helping people figure things out.
Content Strategy
What are you wanting to accomplish?
Who is your target audience and what is the best way to tell your story.
How can you deliver the most value and create raving fans?
What social channels should you be on
What type of content should you make
How to Repurpose Content
What tools and resources do you need to be productive and efficient.(Adobe Creative Cloud, Freshboooks, Social media manager tools (Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar)


Podcast Consulting & Setup
Gear & Equipment Training & Recommendations (bread and butter for me as the number one thing people ask me is for gear and product recommendations). FYI, this will all be done with affiliate revenue in mind.


Course Creation Production & Training (Screencasting & Animation)
Tutorial script writing and production (I will make tutorials for you)
Video Production & Audio Capture for Video Training & Production
Photography, Editing, Training, etc


Photoshop & Basic Graphic Design Help
Training & Support


WordPress Web Design
Domain & Hosting Setup
Wordpress Caretaker
Google Suite Setup
Email Newsletter Setup & Design
Mac & iOS Troubleshooting
Blog Help & Content Creation
Adobe Creative Cloud Training

Need Help?

or want to collaborate? If you are smarter than me and know how you might need a strategic thinker with a lot of technical knowledge and creative skills. I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.

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Learn. Create. Move Forward.
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Main Website: Mike Murphy Co

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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