110: Quick Podcasting Tip: How to Insert Silence (Q) in Adobe Audition

Quick Tip: Insert Silence (Q) in Adobe Audition

Remember the Keyboard Shortcut Q.
I use this all the time

Why Would I Insert Silence?:
Editing a podcast often means deleting Ums & Ahs and dead space. But sometimes you realize you forgot to say something or you need to add a little more recording. For that, Insert Silence.

To Insert Silence (It’s really easy):
In Menu Bar…Edit….Insert Silence…Enter Duration..
Keyboard Shortcut = Q

How To Insert Silence in Adobe Audition

Time/Duration Tip (also works in Premiere Pro, etc):
5, (Number + Comma) = 5 seconds
10, = 10 seconds

Video Tutorial (from YouTube):

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