104: Quick Podcast Tip: How to Remove Noise in Adobe Audition

Quick Tip for #Podcasters:
How to remove Noise from your recording using Adobe Audition.

Tip #1:
Always record a couple of seconds of ambient/room noise before every recording so you have a chunk of unwanted noise to sample.

How To Remove Unwanted Noise:
1. Select the unwanted noise sample using time selector tool (T) —

2. In the Menu Bar>Effects>Noise Reduction>Capture Noise Print

3. In the Menu Bar>Effects>Noise Reduction>Noise Reduction (Process)….you may want to reduce amount reduced here in the popup window…..Hit Apply.

Warning ⚠️:
Too much noise reduction will start messing with your voice. Be sure to listen to entire recording and if you hear garbling or choppiness in dialog, be sure to Undo and lower the amount of Noise Reduction. I usually start at 70 with 30dB .


I can only say so much in 59 second tutorial…
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